I want

to hear stories

to witness beauty

to feel the rush

to make mistakes

to learn from mistakes

a life well-lived

This is the platform where Echo Santos documents events in his round the world journey, release project updates, and lets out a dose of occasional thought vomit. Welcome to The Wayfaring Life of Echo Santos.

The Wayfaring life of Echo Santos

This website will cease to exist once his RTW journey ends but until then you can still laugh, cry and shake your head while reading this site.

After his life-changing 139-day backpacking journey around the Philippines, Echo Santos knew in the back of his mind that one day his next great challenge is to take on the world. That 'next great challenge' has come.

This is the story of of Echo's half-prepared attempt to fulfill his dream to gallavant around the world. May the travel gods, both the new, the old, and the ones that were never told, bring good fortune to this curious soul.

Who the hell is Echo Santos?

Mother Nature chose EDSA People Power Revolution as Echo's entry point to the world. In college, he thought taking Creative Writing and Visual Communications would make him rich and famous. He now lives with his neighbor's grumpy cat, and his children Shoestring Philippines and Chasing Gilas.

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What's Keeping Echo Busy

Couchsurf, Volunteer, & Witness

To fully immerse on the RTW experience, Echo will Couchsurf, volunteer and experience a major attraction or activity at least once on every country that he visits.

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Untitled Book about Love,Sex&Travel

Imagine a life that revolves around sex. This project explores the people whose lives have become a little bit more interesing yet challenging because of a sexualize lifestyle.

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Untitled Book about Love,Sex&Travel - Echo Santos